Investment portfolio p/e ratio of s&p 500? (2024)

Investment portfolio p/e ratio of s&p 500?

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What is the PE ratio for S&P 500?

S&P 500 Fundamentals
S&P 500 Dividend Yield1.47%
S&P 500 Earnings Yield4.30%
S&P 500 Market Cap40.04T USD
S&P 500 P/E Ratio23.27

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What is a good PE ratio for a portfolio?

Typically, the average P/E ratio is around 20 to 25. Anything below that would be considered a good price-to-earnings ratio, whereas anything above that would be a worse P/E ratio.

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What is the forward PE ratio of the S&P 500 historically?

S&P 500 PE Ratio with Forward Estimate was 22.44 as of 2024-12-31, according to GuruFocus. Historically, S&P 500 PE Ratio with Forward Estimate reached a record high of 131.39 and a record low of 6.48, the median value is 18.07. Typical value range is from 20.26 to 28.36. The Year-Over-Year growth is -8.79%.

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What is the PE ratio of the S&P 600?

The S&P 600 Index's forward price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio was 12.6 as of November 21, 2023.

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What is the 10 year PE ratio for s&P500?

The P/E ratio is a classic measure of a stock's value indicating how many years of profits (at the current earnings rate) it takes to recoup an investment in the stock. The current S&P500 10-year P/E Ratio is 32.3.

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Is the S&P 500 overvalued right now?

Thus the percentages on the vertical axis show the over/undervaluation as a percent above mean value, which we're using as a surrogate for fair value. Based on the latest S&P 500 monthly data, the market is overvalued somewhere in the range of 80% to 140%, depending on the indicator, up from last month's 71% to 128%.

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What is the Dow Jones PE ratio?

The PE ratio for Dow stock stands at 29.44 as of Jan 30, 2024. This is calculated based on the TTM EPS of $1.85 and the stock price of $54.47 per share. An increase of 66% has been observed in the PE ratio compared to its average of 17.8 of the last four quarters.

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Is 30 a bad PE ratio?

A P/E of 30 is high by historical stock market standards. This type of valuation is usually placed on only the fastest-growing companies by investors in the company's early stages of growth. Once a company becomes more mature, it will grow more slowly and the P/E tends to decline.

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Is 5 a good PE ratio?

Very low vs very high PE ratios

It is arguable that a PE of five or less is not a remarkable bargain. While it might look as if the company's prospects are being viewed too negatively, it is not a bad rule of thumb to filter out companies with a PE below this level.

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What is the forward 12 month PE ratio for the S&P 500?

For CY 2024, analysts are projecting earnings growth of 11.6% and revenue growth of 5.4%. The forward 12-month P/E ratio for the S&P 500 is 20.0.

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How to calculate S&P 500 PE ratio?

The correct way to determine an index's P/E ratio is by adding the sum of the share prices of the companies listed and dividing that figure by the sum of their earnings per share.

Investment portfolio p/e ratio of s&p 500? (2024)
What is Apple's forward PE?

: 28.41 (As of Today) View and export this data going back to 1980. Apple's Forward PE Ratio for today is 28.41.

What is the PE ratio of the S&P 490?

Mike Zaccardi, CFA, CMT 🍖 on X: "The P/E ratio on the S&P 490 is 14.6" / X.

What is the Nasdaq PE ratio?

The PE ratio for Nasdaq stock stands at 26.05 as of Jan 26, 2024. This is based on the current EPS of $2.25 and the stock price of $58.62 per share.

How much PE ratio is overvalued?

Investors and analysts consider stocks which have a P/E ratio of 50 or above to be an overvalued share, especially in comparison to a stock which has a ratio at par with or below 10. As it allows investors to determine that its share prices are considerably higher than what a company can afford to pay as dividends.

How much will S&P 500 grow in 10 years?

Returns in the S&P 500 over the coming decade are more likely to be in the 3%-6% range, as multiples and margins are unlikely to expand, leaving sales growth, buybacks, and dividends as the main drivers of appreciation.

What will be the price of s&p500 in 2030?

Stock market forecast for the next decade
5 more rows
Jan 12, 2024

What is the PE of the Russell 2000?

The table below lists the current & historical P/E (TTM) ratio, dividend yield & CAPE ratio of the Russell 2000 index. The current P/E ratio of the index is 26.72 (Jan 1st, 2024).

Is it a good time to buy S&P 500?

Smart Money Is Buying all-Time Highs - Why You Should, Too

We're heading into the final trading week with the S&P 500 advancing 2.54%, the Nasdaq gaining 2.96%, while the Dow is up 1.11% as of this past Friday's close. The multi-month rally off the 2023 October lows has yet to run its course.

Is now a good time to invest in the S&P 500 2023?

The S&P 500 index has been a winner in 2023. The index on Wednesday closed above 4,700 for the first time since January 2022. Year to date, the index is up about 23%. Its average annual return is more than 10%.

What is the S&P 500 forecast for 2023?

The S&P 500 has soared 25% in 2023 to its current level at about 4,785, which is within 1% of Lee's initial 2023 price target. In fact, his forecast came the closest to predicting the S&P 500 among the strategists tracked by Bloomberg.

What is Pfizer's average PE ratio?

The mean historical PE ratio of Pfizer over the last ten years is 17.88. The current 15.51 P/E ratio is 13% lower than the historical average.

What is the safest PE ratio?

Average PE of Nifty in the last 20 years was around 20. * So PEs below 20 may provide good investment opportunities; lower the PE below 20, more attractive the investment potential.

Why is Tesla PE ratio so high?

This could let them get in front of a lot more customers very quickly once they start rolling out more electric models. In conclusion, Tesla shares have high valuations based on measures like P/E ratio and price/sales. This mostly results from its strong growth versus traditional automakers like GM and F.


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