Can you run 2 motors off 1 ESC? (2024)

Can you run 2 motors off 1 ESC?

Andrew Lindsey is correct, running two AC motors off a single electronic speed controller (ESC or variable speed drive) is not a stable method. It may work, but it the motors will likely lose synchronization and stall and/or damage the ESC.

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Do you need 1 ESC per motor?

you need one ESC per motor... Dual VESC can talk over the can bus and do fancy stuff like traction control, otherwise a simple "Y" splitter cable from RX.

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Can you run two motors off one controller?

Yes you can hook them up so that they spin in different direction. Speed is torque dependent so that will depend on the loading of the motors. If you connect their outputs mechanically, you shouldn't have any problems.

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Does each motor need an ESC?

Brushed and brushless motors both require escs, but an esc is specific to brushed or brushless. IE, you have to buy the right type.

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Can you run any motor on any ESC?

Again, it's important to remember that motor and ESC needs to be compatible. Some ESC's can only power sensorless motors, while other only work with sensored motors. The power of a motor is usually indicated in “kv” or “turns”, or both.

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Can you run 2 brushed motors off 1 ESC?

Correct. If both motors drive a single propshaft through gears, running two motors on a single ESC works fine. If each motor has it's own propshaft, differences in friction, motor rpm under load, etc may cause one motor to spin faster than the other, aka the boat runs in circles without rudder input.

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How do you match ESC to motor?

ESC's are rated in amps and maximum voltage. Your motor has a Kv rating which approximates the no load speed for whatever voltage (i.e., rpm per volt) is attached to it. In order to know how "big" (amperage) your ESC needs to be, you need both the load and Kv for the motor.

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Can you run two electric motors together?

Yes, but if you are talking about induction motors, single or three phase, they have to be a matched pair, same manufacturer and model.

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Can you hook 2 electric motors together?

You can connect two identical electric motors together on the same shaft. There is no "slipping out of sync" because there isn't a issue of sync in the first place. Drive the two motors the same and both will develop close to the same torque.

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Can you connect two motors together?

When you connect two DC series motors in parallel, the voltage across each motor remains the same, but the current is divided between the two motors. This setup can be used to increase the overall torque of the system while maintaining the speed.

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Does ESC limit engine power?

Does ESC limit engine power? The ESC may let you set a switch-off voltage that will alert you when the battery voltage becomes too low (3.0 - 3.4 V per cell) to avoid damaging the battery. Those systems are called Low Voltage Cut Off (LVC) and they will reduce the maximum power that the ESC can provide.

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Can you mix and match ESC and motor?

Motors/Esc are pretty much mix and match, if you are going to run them pay attention to the amp rating of the esc. Higher turn motors draw more and therefore need higher rated escs. There are also sensored and sensorless motors/escs, that is just a little 4th wire between the 2 that helps the run/sync more smoothly.

Can you run 2 motors off 1 ESC? (2024)
Does a brushless motor need an ESC?

a brushless motor requires either an ESC (electronic speed controller) or a driver circuit, which is a basic version of an ESC.

Is a higher amp ESC better?

The ESC acts like a regulator between the battery and the motor, controlling the power to the motor. So, a higher amp ESC has a larger capacity to deal with the motor drawing more current without issues. Electric power is measured in Watts. The ESC is rated for some max volts and some max amps.

Does my ESC need a capacitor?

For optimum operation, an Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) requires appropriate capacitance to maintain the reliability required for carrying out a successful mission, time and time again.

Does ESC control voltage or current?

ESCs use the direct current from the battery to generate a three-phase trapezoidal waveform for the motor. The ESC translates the user's throttle input into changes in speed. By controlling the voltage of the supply power, the ESC can control the speed of the motor.

What is the rpm limit of the ESC?

It is a fixed limit. There is no relation between number of motor pole pairs and max ESC eRPM that will affect no load or max motor RPM. If you are using a motor with a maximum mechanical RPM of 9,000, and two pole pairs: (2 * 9000) = 18,000 eRPM, which is far less than the 350,000 eRPM limit of the Basic ESC.

Can a 60 amp ESC take 3S?

A quality 60A ESC will be fine on 3S...within reason, and as stated above with weight/motor kv concerns. Me, I'd just get a quality 120A ESC and be done with it. Key word italicized.

How do you match ESC with brushless motor?

How do you match a brushless motor ESC? You just match the voltage rating, and buy an ESC with sufficient current to handle the load you plan to run. For example a motor might be rated for say 6S and 50 amps maximum.

What ESC to use with what motor?

While choosing an ESC for your drone, it's important to take into account the current rating, also known as the ampere rating. This rating is determined by the maximum current drawn by the motor at full throttle and should be selected after choosing an appropriate motor size.

Can you run a different motor in a Traxxas ESC?

All high-quality, aftermarket stock motors will work well in all Traxxas electric models. For modified motors, we recommend limiting the number of turns to 16 in buggies and 17 in trucks. This provides a good balance of run time and speed.

Can you run a non sensored motor on a sensored ESC?

Absolutely! But you will not be able to utilize the sensored capabilities of the motor. The ESC will simply run the motor sensorless; it will perform exactly the same as a non-sensored motor.

What happens when two motors are connected?

The two motors, if connected in parallel, will allow twice as much Current from the battery, if the battery or whatever source is capable of providing that Amperage. The two motors, if connected in serial, will slow the Current from the battery, but it will also reduce their speed or power.

How do you make two motors run the same speed?

If you connect the two motors in series, they will run in sync because each will produce a back EMF proportional to speed. If there are any differences in the motors, they will balance themselves out.

Are two motors better than one?

Power: Inherently one motor will always be less powerful than two (of the same wattage). This means you will lose out on top end speed, and pickup and torque.


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