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Torchlight: Inifinite is a brand-new action role-playing game that has just come out. The biggest warning sign for the ARPG genre recently has been Diablo: Infinite, as well as the uproar it has generated. Despite this, there are many other ARPGs available for individuals to test out and play, including Path of Exile and the recently released Torchlight: Infinite. For those who remain interested, this guide will show you everything there is to know about the Rehan class in the video game. The game may have irritated some longtime fans of the genre due to the drastic changes in monetization and developers.

About Rehan

Rehan, the berserker, is a typical melee warrior character. He approaches the opposition head-on while brandishing a large weapon and dealing severe harm. He has a variety of striking talents at his disposal, but Whirlwind, which turns all of our damages into fire, is the one we're going to suggest. This ARPG will seem familiar if you have played a whirling character in another game.

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Hero Traits

These improve one of our triggered skills, Burst, and enable us to use Rage to reach our critical strike chance cap. For our hero qualities, you should strive to develop the following qualities.

  • Angry at level 15

  • Frenzy Furious at Level 32

  • Rampaging at level 50.

  • Boiling rage level 62

  • Boiling anger level 62

Hero Talents

Take your pick among the attack and fire damage bonuses for our talents, but stay away from Fire Penetration. We'll get to why in a second. Instead, you should begin with the God of Might Tree and strive to capture life and life restoration nodes for defenses. The passives listed below are ones you must take.

  • +8% Attack Speed; -10 Strike Skill Cost (Medium node)

  • 20 points before elimination (large node, level 10)

  • After 20 points, exhaustion (large node, level 10)

  • Fueling (20 points big node) (large node, level 20)

It's important to note that the medium nodes we noted will effectively make your Whirlwind free, which is wonderful since we'll be setting aside a lot ofmana. Elimination is a fantastic early skill to choose because it kills opponents who are under 18%. Before spending 20 points on the tree, it is a good idea to have this. Once we get 20 points, we'll switch Fueling from Elimination to Burnout as our large choice node. Our strikes ignore the enemy's fire resistances thanks to Fueling and Burnout, which both increase our fire damage.

Because we take Fueling, we want to avoid taking any fire penetration. Ignoring resistance, our attacks hit as if the adversary has no fire resistance. The disregard will override any fire penetration that could lower opponent fire resistance below 0 and behave as if there was no resistance. This is a damage reduction.

Because we intend to transform the whole of our damage to fire for this tree, a significant portion of our conversion must go through the fire conversion node. Wildfire increases our fire damage by 100% for foes with low health, which is excellent for boss kills. Depending on the kind of content you're producing, Focused Blow and True Flame might be switched around frequently. When an enemy dies, True Flame causes them to explode, and Focused Blow increases the damage dealt to foes in the center of our Whirlwind's area of effect.

Aim for at least one of these on your gear because you can receive eachFocused BlowandTrue Flameas affixes. We'll enter the Ranger Tree last. Ourcritchance will be capped thanks to theFervoreffect from the Ranger tree. Fluke is a fantastic DPS boost for this tree because it makes our critical hits lucky and Impending, causing foes in the area to take more damage. To increase our crit chances as effectively as possible and allow Fluke to proc, we want to obtain as much Fervor throughout our tree as possible. Although it is difficult to find the stat on gear, choosing to use it from the tree will cost you less money when you are equipping.

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Hero Skills

We are usingWhirlwindas our primary skill in this situation, but we also have other skills that will be useful to us. Here are our abilities and the supporting abilities for each.

  • Whirlwind: Elemental Fusion, Hardened, Guard, Physical to Fire, and Precision Strike

  • Extended Duration, Bloodbath, Cost Conversion under Bloodthirst

  • Scorch: Abysmal Hatred, Cost Conversion, and Terrain of Malice

  • Splash Attack

  • Deathwill, a longer duration, and a lower cooldown for Bull's Rage

  • Resurrection Warcry (Early talent for healing) (Early skill for regeneration)

  • Volatile Flames

  • Rejuvenation (level 1): Conversion of the life seal

  • Unafraid or Amplified Weapon

Whirlwind is our key skill in this situation, and we're turning its damage into flames. We have a nice protective layer thanks to Guard and Hardened and more damage thanks to precision strike and elemental fusion.Bloodthirst is a beautiful passive enhancement, and scorch is an active curse aura. We have a faster movement skill called Leap Attack. Bull's Rage is a further powerful damage increase.

Best Gear

Equipment-wise, it's relatively easy. Since there are no necessary legendary goods, you'll make the most of your equipment. Our main goals are to max out our resistances and build a reasonably sizable health reserve with some regeneration. We can suggest a few legendaries to you to help tie everything together.

  • Eternal Sun (belt)

  • Tide of the Styx (helm)

Torchlight: Infinite gearing is generally quite flexible; you only sometimes require certain affixes on specific items. However, there are a few objectives you'll want to work on before dealing damage, like topping all 4 of your resistance values at 75% and reaching a life total of about 5000. Vigor Ember, a prefix with 21 - 100 max life, can provide life to your gear. The Tenacity Ember allows the suffix "Resistances" to be appended.

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Hero Gameplay

This build's playstyle is fairly simple to learn. Use the whirlwind assault to spin around, dislodge adversaries, and the leap attack to escape danger. Use your scorch aura and, where appropriate, bull's anger and bloodthirst. This playstyle can complete the game's content and is perfect for more laid-back levels and mapping.

Tips to keep in mind

  • In Torchlight: Infinite, there are numerous classes, each of which can be categorized as one of three playstyles. Melee, Caster, Magic, or Ranged.

  • In Torchlight: Infinite, the melee warrior/berserker archetype is represented by the melee-focused character Berserker Rehan. There is beauty in its simplicity: swing a large weapon, strike hard, utilize skills, and repeat.

  • Although being a close combat character, there are a few medium-range attacks and a wide variety of areas of strike and slice attacks in a traditional ARPG manner.

  • Every time you receive damage or deal damage, you grow your anger, raising your attack power and speed. This is the class's mechanic. This means that this ball of Rage has the potential to develop into a lethal weapon.

  • You can enter a berserk state wherein you receive significant benefits to attack velocity, attack damage, or even speed of movement once the fury gauge is filled. The class is for you if you enjoy playing melee characters that slice through waves of foes, twirl their weapons around, and deal significant damage.

  • Because you can ignore enemy resistance with Fire Conversion, you can considerably simplify the gearing process and stop worrying about boss resistance to damage and the amount of penetrating your gear.

  • Whirlwind has one minor drawback: it is unavailable until Level 30. Therefore, we advise using Flame Slash at lower levels if you wish to deal fire damage. Alternately, you can don Whirlwind and switch to Fire Conversion as you reach a higher level, utilize Berserking Blade, and design your God of War character around physical damage. ResurrectionWarcry is beneficial if you require additional recovery.


That concludes the guide! As you played it, this build has a lot of space for expansion. If anything, it's likely to be an excellent end-game mapping build with boss-killing potential.

Torchlight: Infinite Rehan Build Guide - MMOPIXEL (2024)
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