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Keeping your golf club grips in good condition is important for improving your performance on the course. But like all golf equipment, grips wear out over time and need to be replaced.

If you’ve noticed your grips becoming slick, worn, or discolored, it’s probably time for a regrip. But how much does it cost to regrip golf clubs? Here’s what you need to know about grip replacement services and prices.

How Much Does it Cost to Regrip Golf Clubs?

The cost to regrip golf clubs can vary quite a bit depending on several factors. On average, regripping a full set of irons and woods will cost $80-150 at a golf shop.

Per club pricing may run $2-5 for basic grips, $5-15 for mid-range grips, and $10-25 for high-end grips. Custom options, exotic materials, or extra services can increase costs further. DIY regripping can save money but requires supplies and proper technique.

According to Golfers Union, at Dick’s Sporting Goods, the cost of regripping a single golf club ranges between $8 and $15, with prices varying depending on the number of clubs being regripped.

A user on Reddit reported that Golf Galaxy charged $3-$4 per club for regripping, and grips were $12 each.

River Landing writes that the average cost of regripping a 14-club set can range from $100 to $220, with prices varying depending on the quality of grips and whether the service is done by a professional or the golfer themselves.

Regularly replacing your grips is important for optimizing club feel and control, especially as grips wear over frequent use. Old, slick grips make it hard to grip the club firmly and consistently, reducing accuracy and distance.

Fresh grips give you a confident, solid grip so you can swing freely. Investing in regripping helps revive club performance and feels great in your hands.

Factors That Affect Regripping Costs

Several variables influence the total pricing for golf club regripping:

  • Type of grip– Basic rubber grips are cheapest while premium grips with advanced materials and designs cost more.
  • Brand– Major brands like Golf Pride and Lamkin run $5-15 per grip, while boutique brands can cost $15-25+.
  • DIY vs professional– Doing it yourself saves on labor fees but requires supplies and skills.
  • Number of clubs– Per club costs go down with bulk orders. Full club sets are cheaper than individual grips.
  • Additional services– Custom fitting, grip installation and old grip removal can add fees.

The specific grips you choose and where you get the work done significantly sway the final pricing.

DIY vs Professional Regripping

One way to save money on regripping is to do it yourself. With some basic tools and supplies, you can replace your own grips at home. However, DIY regripping has some disadvantages compared to hiring a golf pro:

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DIY Regripping

  • Cost– No labor fees, just the grip and supplies.
  • Supplies needed– Solvent, tape, vise, knife and grip tape. Can cost $30-60 upfront.
  • Learning curve– Takes practice to do it properly. Higher risk of mistakes.

Professional Regripping

  • Cost– $2-25 per grip plus potential service fees.
  • Expertise– Consistent, quality work from experienced technicians.
  • Convenience– Drop off clubs and pick up when done. No mess or tools.

Though DIY regripping saves on labor costs, the expertise of a professional may be worth the price for some golfers.

Choosing the Best Grips for Your Clubs

How Much Does It Cost To Regrip Golf Clubs? - ThePricer Media (2)Selecting the right grips involves balancing performance, feel, and budget. Key factors to consider include:

  • Materials – Rubber, polymer, cord, or specialized compounds that affect tackiness, softness, and moisture absorption.
  • Texture – Smooth, perforated, ribbed, and stepped patterns influence grip and moisture control.
  • Size – Standard, midsize, oversized, and undersized grips to fit your hand size.
  • Style– Multiple colors and designs for personalization. Align grips to suit your swing path.
  • Brands – Trusted names like Golf Pride, Lamkin, and SuperStroke.

Try out different grips or consult a club fitter to choose the best match for your swing, hand size and budget. Invest in quality grips that provide confidence.

Additional Golf Club Regripping Costs

Beyond the grip price itself, additional services can increase the total regripping bill:

  • Grip removal– $2-3 per club to cleanly take off old grips. Can prevent damage to shafts.
  • Grip installation– Some shops charge $1-2 per grip for labor and use of tools.
  • Club adjustments– Extra fees if extending shafts or adjusting swing weight.
  • Custom fitting– Getting professionally fit for grip size and style may cost $50-100.
  • Rush orders– Expedited turnaround times within 24 hours cost $10-20 extra.

Ask about any additional charges before dropping off clubs for regripping.

Tips for Saving Money on Golf Club Regripping

Here are some smart ways to get quality grips for less:

  • Buy supplies in bulk for DIY projects.
  • Ask about discounts for regripping full club sets.
  • Choose basic rubber grips instead of exotic materials.
  • Look for off-season sales or coupons at golf shops.
  • Regrip at end of season to maximize grip lifespan.
  • Shop around between retailers for best rates.
  • Use loyalty programs and rewards points for discounts.
  • Buy previous year models on clearance for savings.

With some smart shopping, you can maintain fresh grips without breaking the bank.

Final Words

Replacing worn golf club grips restores proper feel and control, giving you the confidence to play your best game. While regripping costs vary based on materials and services, investing in new grips is critical for optimizing club performance and your enjoyment on the course.

With prices averaging $80-150 for a full set and $2-25 per grip, you can revive your clubs within your maintenance budget. Check grips regularly and get them replaced before wear impacts your scores. With a great grip and improved consistency, you’ll gain that extra edge to lower your handicap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to Regrip your own clubs?

Regripping your own golf clubs can save money compared to taking them to a shop, but requires supplies and proper technique.

With practice and patience, DIY regripping can be a affordable way to keep your grips fresh. However, for those lacking time or skills, paying a professional ensures quality work. Evaluate your budget, skills and willingness to learn before deciding.

How hard is it to Regrip golf clubs?

Regripping golf clubs is straightforward but requires care to do correctly. With solvent, grip tape, a vise and knife, you can replace grips following online tutorials.

Getting clean removal without damaging shafts takes practice. Properly installing new grips straight without air pockets also involves a learning curve best done through repetition. Overall, regripping is manageable for most golfers willing to learn.

How often should golf grips be replaced?

Golf grips should be replaced every 40-80 rounds or once per season for frequent players. Check your grips regularly for excessive smoothness, cracking, discoloration, or slippery feel.

Climate also impacts grip lifespan, with replacements needed more often in hot, humid conditions that cause grips to wear faster. Replacing grips before they become too worn enhances feel and control.

If doubtful, try a new grip on one club to notice any improvement. Keep your grips fresh for optimal performance.

How Much Does It Cost To Regrip Golf Clubs? - ThePricer Media (2024)
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