How Much Does It Cost To Regrip Golf Clubs? [Complete Guide] (2024)

I’ve regripped over 1,000 clubs as a certified golf club fitter/club tech employee at Golf Galaxy.

Along with my all-time favorite question, “Can they be done while I wait?” is the preceding, “How much does it cost to regrip golf clubs?” The simplicity of the answer lies within your preferences, like many other costs in the world.

The service fee to have your tire changed is a fixed price — depending on the labor rate for the technician — but each tire varies in cost. You can opt for the sleek, more expensive tire that offers better traction, or you can opt for the cheap option that will get the job done. It’s essentially the same for golf grips. The tackier, better-looking and more durable golf grips will be a little more expensive than the traditional golf grips that act as a filler at the end of the shaft.

Regripping your clubs is an important part of golf. This guide will course you through the costs of the entailed service, the specific grips, brands and models, and how you know which one is for you.

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Service Fee

Wherever you choose to get your grips done, the service fee will be a fixed amount. At Golf Galaxy, the service fee is $3.99 for a single club. This fee is for the service alone and does not include the cost of the new grips. The total cost to regrip golf clubs will depend on the type and quality of the grips you choose.

Various golf shops, such as Club Champion, PGA Superstore, and even your local pro shop, will possibly have different prices, but they’ll all be in the ballpark of one another.

Cost of Grips

The cost of golf grips varies based on the type and brand. Generally, the average price of irons, drivers, and wedge grips ranges from $6 to $13. Higher-end golf grip brands, such as Golf Pride and Lamkin, will have grips nearing that $13 mark, but they’ll also have grips near that $6 mark. It depends on the model.

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Woods, Irons and Wedge Grips

Golf Pride’s MCC grip — one of the more expensive grips but my personal favorite — is priced at $11.99, while its Tour Velvet grip is $6.49, one of the cheapest grips on the market. And while they are cheap grips, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad grips.

During my time at Golf Galaxy, the MCC grips and the Tour Velvet grips were some of the most popular choices; it all depends on what kind of feel and design you want. The MCC grips offer a unique design, multiple colors and tire-like feel, while the Tour Velvet grips are plain black and, in my opinion, don’t offer that great of a grip.

Putter Grips

For putter grips, the range is slightly higher, roughly $10 to $40. Putter grips come in various shapes and sizes, and their higher price range reflects the quality.

For example, Superstroke putter grips are top-tier in the world of golf. They offer a premium feel with a sleek design imprinted on every model, which varies in size and shape. These range from $29.99 to $39.99. Ping putter grips, on the other hand, are much less expensive ($13.99) at the expense of versatile sizing, design and color schemes.

A good putter grip can significantly impact your short game, making it an investment worth considering.

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Factors Influencing Grip Choice

  • Material: Golf grips are made from rubber, corded, and synthetic materials, each offering a distinct feel and durability. Some material provides a softer grip, while others provide a firm, tire-like grip.
  • Size: The grip size should match your hand size for comfort and effectiveness. On your lead hand, your fingertips should barely touch the palm of your hand. That indicates the size is right.
  • Weather Conditions: Some golf grips are designed to perform better in wet or humid conditions.
  • Personal Preference: The feel and comfort of a grip are subjective and vary from player to player.
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DIY Method

If you want to regrip golf clubs on your own, you can also easily do that. It may actually save money in the long run, especially if you get your entire set done frequently. Let’s dive into the regripping process and what you’ll need to do this.

Hook Knife or Utility Knife: To regrip your golf clubs, the first step is removing the existing grip. This knife will be used to cut that off. I would also suggest a heat gun of some sort. This makes taking off the old grip tape much less of a hassle.

Air Compressor: This is another effective method to remove your old grip. The air compressor, inserted at the bottom of the grip — where the tiny hole is — shoots bursts of air on the inside of the grip, loosening its adhesiveness. While it does that, tug on it, and you can pull it off. This method also saves the grip, rather than cutting it to remove it.

Double-sided Grip Tape: Grab yourself some double-sided tape. This will create better adhesiveness.

Grip Solvent: You’ll need to make sure you have grip solvent. This goes over the fresh layer of double-sided tape, making it easy to slip the grip on the club.

You can purchase a golf grip kit, which provides solvent and tape, at one of the aforementioned retail stores.

Regripping your golf clubs is like riding a bike; the more times you do it, the more comfortable you will feel.

Total Cost Estimation

Ultimately, the total cost can vary depending on the grips you choose. To estimate the total cost of regripping, consider both the service fee and the cost of the grips. For instance, if you choose a grip priced at $10 for your driver, the total cost for that single golf club would be $13.99 ($3.99 service fee + $10 grip cost). For a whole set, expect to pay over $100.

Whatever the Cost, It’s Worth It

It’s easy to have your golf clubs regripped, and doing so is an essential part of maintaining your equipment and bettering your golf game. At Golf Galaxy or your local golf shop, the process is made affordable and accessible, with various options to suit different preferences and budgets.

Having new grips on your clubs can rejuvenate the appearance of older clubs and even improve your new ones. The right grip can make a significant difference in your game and your swing, so consider the investment in quality grips a vital part of your golfing journey.

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How Much Does It Cost To Regrip Golf Clubs? [Complete Guide] (2024)
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