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In an MMORPG, there are some skills that don't strike as much as others, partly because these are not as powerful. But that doesn’t mean these skills are not worth your time. This is the case with the Double Swing of the Barbarian Build in the Diablo IV game. Not as powerful as other build skills but with the right set-up and right moves it can prove to be fatal for opponents.

Embrace the distinct prowess of the Barbarian's Double Swing skill in Diablo IV, a build that truly harnesses the class's unique mechanics. This versatile build capitalizes on a wide array of crowd control techniques and leverages synergies with Bleed effects. The system that allows you to switch between weapons becomes a key element, allowing swift adaptation to any combat situation. With each massive, bone-crushing swing, the Barbarian unleashes a torrent of power that's both agile and lethal. For the seasoned Diablo IV player seeking a break from the monotonous shouting and spinning, Double Swing offers a fast-paced, dynamic, and deadly alternative that will keep your enemies trembling in fear. If you don’t know how to, then worry not. Our article will cover all the necessary aspects of the Double Swing Skill of the Barbarian Build. Keep Reading.

Build Overview

When the enemy is knocked down or stunned, the Barbarian Build could use the Double Swing Skill to recover the fury cost at a remarkably fast rate. Dust Devils could also be generated if you can combine the Double Swing with other powerful abilities and bonuses rapidly.

The Barbarian's Double Swing ability in Diablo IV serves as the cornerstone of the imposing build, fusing offense and defense in a seamless dance of death. You can expertly use Rallying Cry and Iron Skin, drawing on their Unstoppable strength to protect you from danger. Safety should be your main priority. Fortifying your resistance even more is your quick mastery of Fortify, which adds another line of protection. Your enemies would be stunned and knocked down, it will open the way for deadly Double Swing attacks and strengthen your total defenses, making you a completely invincible force on the battlefield.

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Primary Skills of The Barbarian Swing Build

Each of the skills in the Barbarian Double Swing Build is associated with a certain number of points. The build has a plethora of Stun Skills with high DPS backed up by Berserking uptime that is too much, like it never ends. With a combination of very powerful bonuses and passives, you will be able to face most of your opponents.

Enhanced Lunging Strike - The mobility provided by the Enhanced Lunging Strike makes it the best Skill for the beginners. For this version of the build, none of its branched advancements are necessary. For a reliable supply of Stun, Bash is able to be substituted for this.

Iron Maelstrom - When you have a large number of opponents, the combined attack of Double Swing and Death Blow might not be enough to deal with them, that’s where Iron Maelstrom comes into the picture. You can use this skill to wipe out a large faction of them and then clean out the rest of them alongside the rest of the abilities.

Tactical Rallying Cry and Tactical Challenging Shout- these are good skills that can help you in defense. These will help you to increase the damage reduction, agility, and generating Fury, all of it and at the same time providing you with protection from enemy stuns. If gamers desire a Stun on-demand, Charge can take the place of Rallying Cry.

Double Swing (Furious)- if you are looking to deal more damage then the Furious Double Swing is the way to go. This is unarguably the best damage dealing option the build possesses. Warrior’s Death Blow supports it beautifully to make it a more potent weapon.Warrior’s Death Blow is an extremely powerful way to attack the bosses of the game. It is also useful if you wish to take out the trash mobs in one go. Both of the skills - Furious Double Swing and Warrior’s Death Blow can give you the Berserking. To maintain the Berserking, keep hitting something with the Double Swing.

Points associated with each of the above mentioned Skill - Enhanced Lunging Strike give you 2 points, Furious Double Swing gives 7, Tactical Rallying Cry awards you with 3 points, Tactical Challenging Shout gives 7 points, Warrior's Death Blow gives 5 points and finally Supreme Iron Maelstrom rewards you the crucial 3 points.

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Passive Skills of the Double Swing Barbarian Build

The Barbarian's combat prowess is increased by the hefty3 pointallocations ofBooming Voice, Pit Fighter, andNo Mercy. With1 pointeach,HamstringandTempered Furyhave gotten a moderate investment, adding more benefits to the build. Withthree pointseach inAggressive ResistanceandInvigorating Fury,the Barbarian's defensive qualities are substantially strengthened, giving them resiliency and vigor during hard encounters. By maxing outProlific Fury,Furious Impulse, andWalking Arsenal, each of which boasts an amazing3-point investment, the Barbarian finally solidifies its unrelenting offensive assault. This expertly chosen mix makes the Barbarian a formidable opponent on Diablo IV's perilous battlefields. With these passives, players can try to generate more Fury and deal more damage.

Invigorating Fury is very essential for you during the battle. When you've used the 100 Fury, it will reimburse the 9% of the Barbarian’s max life. Its swift strikes and the aspect of Accelerating make it a powerful Passive that can be combined with the Double Swing.

Prolific Fury and Aggressive Resistance are the best options among the rest of them as the player will be berserking in every battle.

Pit Fighter, No Mercy, and Hamstring are staple passives because of their potent damage bonuses and Slow on Bleeding targets, respectively.

If you are looking for a way to boost the DPS by 45%, then all you need to do is to activate all the 3 buffs of the Walking Arsenal. There is a faster way to get there, by switching between the attacks at a rapid pace. Whenever you cast the Iron Maelstrom, you will see that the various bonuses will additionally trigger.

We would suggest that you make use of the Two-handed weapon (Sword) that will grant you the Expertise benefit. This is because the sword mixes really well with the Hamstring.

Aspects and Gears for Double Swing Barbarian

The 100000 Steps are special boots that can provide numerous advantages to the build that uses Stuns as their go to attack. Stuns are powerful on their own but what’s the harm in adding some new power to it.

Barbarian Build’s powerful DPS consists of the Double Swing, but given that we have another option with much better damage dealing abilities, we would use the Death Blow. Death Blow has a relatively higher damage dealing capability and High chances of hitting a target critically. Looking to deal more damage? Then use the Encroaching Wrath’s Aspect. It will simply boost the damage by 200%.

Aspect of Anemia is one another powerful aspect that can be used when you strike an opponent which is bleeding. Using it adds another advantage to your Enhanced Double Swing skill as whenever you strike the bleeding opponent the Fury cost of the Enhanced Double Swing is reimbursed.

Utilizing two swords is one of the most effective options against the CC opponents, when using Double Sword. This will help you to boost the speed of your attacks. Walking arsenal could be activated by providing Slashing weapons to 2-handed Bludgeoning to Death blow and Lunging Strike respectively.

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Paragon Boards

Flawless Techniquewould be the very first of the Paragon Boards that you would be using, at least you should be using it. When used with the Double Swing, Flawless Technique boosts your chances of landing a critical hit. You can also use a weapon that can be wielded with one hand only.

Due to its boosts to Berserking,Carnagemakes a great second board. Once enough nodes have been unlocked on Carnage, players will strike harder and quicker.

UseExploit and Ambidextrous for glyphs on the beginning board and Flawless Technique, respectively. These will make all enemies vulnerable for a brief period of time while fighting and improve the damage inflicted by one-handed weapons.


This was all about the Diablo IV’s Double Swing Barbarian Build. It is a powerful build that players can utilize to defeat enemies. Use it correctly and you will see the true powers of the Double Swing. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned for more updates.

Diablo IV Guide to Double Swing Barbarian Build - MMOPIXEL (2024)
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